Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition PC – 60FPS Unlocker Released – Alpha Version

We seriously don’t know whether we should be happy that there are dedicated modders, willing to go the extra mile and fix From Software’s action RPG, or not. But this is a good thing, so let’s be positive on that, shall we? Following Durante’s fix for the game’s resolution, modder ‘Nwks’ has released a 60fps mod for Dark Souls PC. As its title suggests, this mod unlocks the game’s framerate and is currently in alpha phase.
Those interested can download it from here. The modder makes it clear that this mod might break the game, and that you should use it at your own risk. This mod works only in offline mode and is not plagued with the ‘quick’ animations that were present in some previous attempts of other, similar mods.
Nwks has also provided some notes about his mod. This will sound like mumbo-jumbo to most of you, however we felt the need to share them as they were really interesting.
“Durante, I’ll send you the source with a description of my understandings of the engine. I can provide you a detailed description with offsets, if you are comfortable with a disassembler. (Concerning GFWL, my version of the mod is “compatible” with online capabilities but let’s not get into that…)
Dabura667, I was like you before. Basically the game uses two independent and asynchronous threads: – An animation engine running at a fixed delta-t (1/30fps) It performs animation interpolation and controls the overall game speed. – A rendering engine. It runs at 30fps w/ vsync, 15fps w/ vsync, or anywhere below 15fps wo/ vsync.
At 30fps, the rendering engine renders all frames (jobs) computed by the animation engine. Below 30fps, it simply drops one frame out of two. “Unlocking” the rendering engine causes indeed the game to run faster, as frames computed with a delta-t of 1/30 would be displayed at a rate of 60fps, for example.
So the animation engine’s delta-t must be set accordingly to the maximum frame-rate, and then it’s only a matter of frame-rate division (only 1/1 and 1/2 are possible in the game, which is okay for 30fps but I’ll work on other rates for higer FPS).”
Enjoy and keep in mind that the mod is currently in alpha phase, meaning that newer versions might run better!
Dark Souls - 60fps Mod - How to Install