Dark Souls Online Petition was successful; surpassed 80K signs but won’t hit 100K anytime soon

It was good while it lasted, right? The Dark Souls petition seems to be at its end as it fulfilled its purpose and as a result of that, the amount of new sign-ups is slowing to a crawl these past few days. This basically means that the petition won’t hit the round number of 100K anytime soon. Nevertheless, achieving 80K signs in just two weeks is an accomplishment in its own right. To be more precise, the petition surpassed the 80K mark in January 20th and today it’s at 81500.
Moreover, let’s say this one more time; the petition has fulfilled its purpose. This petition was created in order to make Namco Bandai aware of the high PC demand for this particular title. Although Namco Bandai hasn’t officially announced whether or not they will port the game, the company’s forum admin ‘shoupinou’ has admitted that his job is now nearly done as the company is well aware of the huge demand.
The fact that Namco has not announced anything yet should not disappoint you. As we said, the purpose of this petition was to make Namco aware of the demand and not to force them into announcing the development of a PC version. Hopefully though, an official announcement will come soon.
If you are still interested in signing the petition, go ahead and do it here.