Dark Souls III feature 2

Dark Souls 3 gets an Enemy & Boss Randomizer Mod and a Sekiro Armor and Weapons Mod

Modders ‘GodFilm233’ and ‘ElFonz0’ have released two new really cool mods for Dark Souls 3. The first mod is an Enemy and Boss Randomizer that PC gamers can use. The other one brings some weapons and armors from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Going into more details, the Randomizer only affects enemies and bosses. Thus, it does not affect Side Quests or NPCs. It’s a pretty cool mod that all Dark Souls 3 veterans will appreciate. After all, this mod will give all of you a new challenge.

On the other hand, the Sekiro Armor and Weapons Mod contains multiple armor pieces and weapons from various Sekiro characters. Each item is set up to replace a specific item, though you may change the ID of a Sekiro item to one of your choice.

You can download the Dark Souls 3 Randomizer from here. You can also download the Sekiro Armor and Weapons Mod from here.

Have fun!