Dark Souls 2 feature 2

Dark Souls 2 Gets A “First-Person Camera” Mod

Well, you gotta love modders. YouTube’s ‘Benzoin-Gum’ has shared a mod via which you can play Dark Souls 2 in first-person perspective. In order to run this mod, you will need the mod itself as well as CheatEngine.

As Benzoin-Gum noted, there are still some issues that have not been fixed, but this mod looks already kind of cool. There is no doubt that you’ll get a Skyrim feeling while using it, so go ahead and experiment with it.

Benzoin-Gum has also shared a video, showcasing how you can enable this mod, that can be viewed below.

Since this mod uses CheatEngine, we strongly suggest being extremely careful with it. CheatEngine may get you banned once you go online, so use it at your own risk.