Cuphead gets an Easy Mode thanks to this new “Assist Mode” mod, available now for download

Cuphead is a challenging platformer that came out in 2017. Now while I didn’t have any trouble with it, other gamers felt it to be way too difficult. As a result of this, n00bplatformer has decided to release a new mod that enables an Easy Mode for it.

As the modder noted, this mod is inspired by Celeste’s assist mode. Thus, the mod intends to ease the game difficulty by granting additional HP (6HP instead of 3HP), weapon damage boost (1.5x) and coins (40) to the player.

The modder also recommends to start a new save file with this mod. So yeah, don’t use it on your older saves, otherwise there might be some compatibility issues.

In order to showcase this mod in action, n00bplatformer has also released the following video.

You can go ahead and download this Assist “Easy” Mode for Cuphead from here.

Have fun!

Cuphead Assist mode mod demo