Cuphead: Chaotic Casino is a fan made stop-motion animation video

A youtuber named David Garcia from Davy Productions has created a stop-motion animation video featuring Cuphead and Mugman. The developers of Cuphead, Studio MDHR, were so impressed that they posted the video and the following on Twitter: “Words can hardly describe our reaction when we saw this unbelievable video from David Garcia. Using figures from our Todd McFarlane toy collection, David spent a whopping 4 months crafting this stop-motion animated film. It’s a must-watch!!”

Good day for a swell battle! Cuphead and his goofy pal Mugman transverse into the Devil’s Casino and made a bet with the Devil in exchange of all the riches they can imagine, at the cost of their souls. Stricken with the stress of their souls on the line, they must fight to save their souls from the Devil himself! This match will get red hot!

I know how hard and time consuming is to create such videos, since my cousin used to make something similar. The video is actually awesome and if you are close to my age you will probably appreciate it even more.

Lastly in case you don’t already know Netflix and King Features Syndicate announced an all-new animated series The Cuphead Show. The show will be based on the game’s world and characters.

In the tweet below you can watch the short video Chaotic Casino.

Thanks PCGamesN.

Chris Kountouras

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