Crytek’s ‘Think Inside & Outside The Box’ Competition Winners Announced + Screenshots

Crytek announced today the winners of its first CryDev’s official competition and we have some screenshots of these winning maps. Coming in at number 3 is The Vulture with his Cry-Museum, a map that is basically a room of small cabinets with Crysis assets scaled down and made into small scenes. At number 2 is Duruk with his Journey to the sun, a map that is inspired by Alien (first movie when the ship goes into alert), Deadspace, Solaris & Sunshine.
The big winner of this competition is Vert-X with his Ancient map. This is a high quality map with amazing/custom assets and shows how The Witcher 2’s or Skyrim’s dungeons would look if they were developed with CryEngine 3.
Enjoy the following screenshots and congratulations to everyone who participated in this contest!


Journey to the sun