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Crysis & Crysis: Warhead are now available on GOG, and are completely DRM-free

Crysis and Crysis: Warhead are often described as some of the best first-person shooters of modern-day. Contrary to the next parts of the series, these two titles offered really large environments in which players could cause havok and approach their objectives via different routes. And we are happy to report that both of these games are now available on GOG, completely DRM-free.

In Crysis, you take the role of Jake “Nomad” Dunn who is part of the Raptor team. Raptor Team is sent to one of the Lingshan Islands in the Philippines under the control of North Korean soldiers after a distress call is received from civilian archeologists on the island. Soon, though, players find out that aliens have invaded Earth.

In Crysis: Warhead, you take the role of sergeant Sykes and find yourself behind enemy lines, on a mission to retrieve a sensitive piece of cargo.

GOG also offers a 60% discount until November 3rd.


Crysis 1 Intro Cinematic (1080P HD)

Crysis Warhead Intro