CryEngine 3-powered Free-To-Play Action Title ‘Panzar’ Now Available In Europe

Panzar Studio announced that its CryEngine 3-powered F2P third person action title, Panzar, is available in Europe. Panzar is a free-to-play, third-person action game in the spirit of modern competitive multiplayer games. The emphasis is on team-based play in a fantasy setting, and the game also includes character growth and experience-based leveling. In addition, the company released a cinematic trailer that can be viewed below.
Panzar is said to feature stunningly detailed battles in lush landscapes that crank the concept of high fantasy conflict to a new level of epicness, while its core gameplay links easy-to-learn mechanics with complex character advancement and impeccably balanced character class choices.
Teams of ten players will be pitted against one another in four different game modes: clashing for Domination of strategic locations, playing King of the Hill for keeps, putting the enemies under Siege, or using Blitz tactics to retrieve a priceless artefact.
Panzar is a completely free game, though there are micro-transaction with which players can boost their character advancement speed, save them time in obtaining the items they most desire, and even level their character instantly up. Yeap, typical F2P micro-transcations.
Panzar - Cinematic Trailer (English)

Panzar с Майкером 1 часть