Crusader Kings II – Seven Deadly Sins: Wroth

Paradox has just released the first in a series of seven cheerily ramshackle live action trailers for their medieval strategy / RPG, Crusader Kings II. Contrary to other live action trailers, this one is hilarious so make sure to check it out. Crusader Kings II, is slated for a launch on February 7th 2012 for 39,99 USD, exclusively on the PC.
Fred Wester, CEO of Paradox, said:
“Crusader Kings is my favourite of our grand strategy games. It takes that addictive core of building something epic, but the building blocks of the world are real people with real lives and real emotions, so your kingdom is always this entertainingly wobbly, teetering construct. There’s not enough teetering in strategy these days. Anyway, that same focus on personalities makes it perfect for a live action trailer.”
Crusader Kings II - Seven Deadly Sins: Wroth