Crash Bandicoot Returns Comes To CryEngine 3 As A Standalone Freeware Game

Crash Bandicoot Returns
We’ve covered Crash Bandicoot Returns in the past, and we were really wondering what had happened to this Crysis mod as there weren’t any news lately. Thankfully, the team behind it broke its radio silence and revealed some interesting new information about it. First and foremost, Crash Bandicoot Returns is no longer a Crysis mod. The team decided to use CryEngine 3 and as a result of that, this will be a standalone game (completely free and available online for PC only).
Anonym-Art Productions has also promised to optimize this standalone Crash Bandicoot game as much as possible in order to offer great visuals. Or at least that’s its goal. Furthermore, the team has released a new video for this freeware Crash Bandicoot game that can be viewed below.
This is a really interesting turn of events, however we’re afraid that these guys might receive a C&D letter. There are already rumors for a new Crash Bandicoot game for the next-generation consoles, therefore this standalone freeware mod may sound more attractive to some than the official game. And we do know that companies – lately – do their best to cease development of such projects.
Still, here is hoping that the game’s development won’t be put on ice due to possible legal issues.