Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller Announced; An episodic detective game in collaboration with Jane Jensen

Phoenix Online Studios, the team behind the episodic King’s Quest revival The Silver Lining, and Khaeon Gamestudio, an independent game developer based in the Netherlands, will combine their creative forces in Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller. An episodic detective game, Cognition will have a supernatural storyline developed with help from renowned designer Jane Jensen, and graphic novel style visuals created by comic book artist Roman Molenaar. With today’s announcement, Phoenix and Khaeon have launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the series’ initial development costs:
Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller will release as a series of four episodes, a format Phoenix knows well from their work on the ambitious freeware game The Silver Lining ( After playing The Silver Lining, Khaeon representatives approached Phoenix to develop Cognition, a project originally conceived by Khaeon’s art director Romano Molenaar. The game’s design team will work closely with story consultant Jane Jensen on Cognition’s plot and investigative gameplay.
Jane Jensen, creator of the acclaimed Gabriel Knight adventure game series said:

“I’m very impressed by Phoenix’s work on The Silver Lining – this is a talented team who has shown incredible dedication to a fan game. Now they’re a young company moving into commercial production and I’m happy to be involved. I hope to help them make their first project a success. Cognition is a perfect fit, too, with its supernatural storyline and graphic novel style.”

Via Kickstarter, Phoenix and Khaeon hope to raise $25,000 to help fund the game’s initial development. Funds raised will be used for software licenses, development resources, and other start-up production costs. Prizes for backers include free downloadable copies of the finished game, signed hard copies, and rare opportunities to appear in the game, name characters, and participate “behind the scenes” in its development.
CEO Cesar Bittar added:

“Phoenix Online Studios would never have come this far if not for the dedication of our fans. They encouraged us to stick with it, they had our backs when we ran into copyright issues, and they helped us show the world that there’s still a huge audience for games like The Silver Lining and Cognition. Now we’re hoping they’ll join us on this next step in our company’s adventure, and in return we’re looking forward to including the fans in Cognition’s development process as much as we can.”

Cognition will be developed for PC, with versions for mobile platforms and connected consoles also under consideration. The four episode series is planned to debut in 2012.
Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller (Kickstarter)