Closed Beta Dates Announced For F2P Games “World Of Speed”, “Skyforge” and “Armored Warfare” revealed today at Gamescom 2014 the closed beta dates of its three upcoming AAA massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs) World of Speed, Armored Warfare and Skyforge. Additionally, all-new features and gameplay trailers have been revealed at Gamescom, giving fans a deeper look into each game and a chance to sign up for the closed betas.

According to the press release we got, World of Speed and Skyforge will their closed beta phase in Q4 2014, while Obsidian’s Armored Warfare will enter closed beta in Q1 2015.

· World of Speed – start of Closed Beta: Q4 2014.
Slightly Mad Studios will reveal major multiplayer features of the game including the elaborate team mode and team tactics plus unique team objective system. The premier will be also flavored with a new race track together with a variety of new cars.

· Skyforge – start of Closed Beta: Q4 2014.
For the first time ever, The Allods Team and Obsidian Entertainment will reveal the massive Gods feature and how the system will work in-game. The presentation at Gamescom will also be a first look at two classes, brand new locations and much more.

· Armored Warfare – start of Closed Beta: Q1 2015.
Obsidian Entertainment will showcase the extensive Progression Tree and Arms Dealers gameplay feature for the first time. This will also be the first hands on preview of the game in Europe for press to play through an all new PVE mission on a new map with new tanks.

Players can already register for the Closed Beta for all three games at the game’s official websites.


Armored Warfare - Shattered World Trailer

World of Speed - Gamescom Team Racing Trailer

Skyforge - Cryomancer Gameplay Trailer