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Classic Deus Ex will get an HD Remaster treatment in Unreal Engine 5

The creator of the DXU24 project, a project that aims to bring the classic Deus Ex game to Unreal Engine 5, has shared a new dev video. This development video showcases some of the improvements that its latest WIP version features. It also offers a few comparison scenes between the original Unreal Engine 1 and the remastered Unreal Engine 5 versions.

DXU24 is an on-going project, aiming to bring the classic version of Deus Ex to the latest version of Unreal Engine. Furthermore, it will support VR, letting you experience this classic FPS in VR.

From what we can see, DXU24 will offer volumetric fog, as well as better water and lighting effects. This fan HD Remaster will also support Niagara for its particle effects. For those wondering, there is no word (at least yet) on whether it will support Lumen or Nanite. Realistically speaking, it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to support Nanite. After all, this is a fan remaster of a really old game. However, it would be so cool if DXU24 supported Lumen and had proper Ray Tracing effects.

Anyway, you can go ahead and take a look at its latest development video below. Our Deus Ex fans can also go ahead and download from here an Unreal Engine 4 Fan Tech Demo.


DXU24 Development Update