Chivalry 2 feature

Chivalry 2 releases on June 8th, exclusively via Epic Games Store

Torn Banner Studios and Tripwire Presents have announced that Chivalry 2 will launch on June 8th, 2021, on PC via Epic Games Store. The game will support cross-play between all platforms, and a Cross-Play Closed Beta event will begin on March 26th.

Torn Banner Founder, Steve Piggott, said:

“Our dev team has been firing on all cylinders to create the best medieval combat game imaginable. Chivalry 2 is going to be everything fans of the first title dreamed of and so much more – from a combat system rebuilt from the ground up, to massive upgrades in scale and visuals.”

John Gibson, CEO and Co-owner at publisher Tripwire Interactive, added:

“We continue to be impressed with the craftsmanship and creativity from our partners at Torn Banner Studios. They’ve crafted something very special with Chivalry 2, building the groundwork for a game that will allow players to experience epic medieval battles across all five major gaming platforms for years to come.”

Stay tuned for more!

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