CD Projekt Red is now the second-largest gaming company in Europe after Ubisoft

CD Projekt Red, a Polish studio, is now worth eight billion dollars. Thus making the company the second-largest in Europe. Ubisoft is still number one, with a worth of nine billion six hundred million dollars.

The huge difference between those two companies is that Ubisoft, compared to CDPR, has made a ton of games, when CDPR has only made three big games. Or maybe even two, since the first Witcher might not be considered a triple-A title. Cyberpunk 2077 will be considered the third big game from CDPR.

CDPR is also being considered one of the best gaming companies in terms of attitude towards customers and fans. Of course that doesn’t mean CDPR is perfect, but compared to a company like Ubisoft, maybe it is. My biggest complaint was the gameplay downgrade of the well-known title, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Since Netflix released the TV show The Witcher, which is based on the books, CDPR has seen an astonishing increase in sales. The accumulated revenue from sales of The Witcher 3 on Steam for the period of the time between October 1st 2018 and today has exceeded fifty million dollars. As a result, CDPR is now getting eighty percent on any subsequent sales of The Witcher 3 on Steam.

Chris Kountouras

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