CD Projekt RED is not concerned about Half-Life: Alyx

Cyberpunk 2077 is scheduled for release on April  16th, while Half-Life: Alyx is releasing somewhere in March. In a recent earnings call, Michal Andrzej Nowakowski, Senior VP in CD Projekt Red , was asked if he is worried about Half-Life: Alyx being a highly anticipated release and pulling gamers away from Cyberpunk 2077.

He responded by saying that VR holds a very, very small part of the market. Which is probably correct, since according to Steam Hardware & Software Survey of October 2019, just over 1% of users are using a VR headset.

“VR remains an extremely nichey niche of the market, like it’s very, very small.That niche is very, very, very — and I could add a few verys here — small.” Michal Andrzej Nowakowski

Honestly, I don’t think Half-Life: Alyx will affect the sales of Cyberpunk 2077. Maybe if both games were releasing in the same month, but they don’t. Also Half-Life: Alyx will be a rather expensive purchase for anyone who doesn’t already own a VR headset.

“The only reason I can think of why has Valve has decided to actually put this title in the market is because they actually have a corporation on the hardware side of the things, and I assume that they actually are planning.” Michal Andrzej Nowakowski

Judging from the trailer the game looks pretty nice and will probably be a cool experience for VR owners. Personally, I was hoping for a Half-Life 3.

You can read the whole transcript of the call here.

Thanks TweakTown.

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