Casus Belli is a Battlefield 2 inspired mod for Crysis Wars; update 1.1 released and fixes crashes issues

Battlefield fans, go ahead and grab Casus Belli. This mod was released last week and today, the team behind has released its first update. Casus Belli is a realistic multiplayer mod for Crysis Wars that is inspired from the Battlefield 2 game. It takes place in the context of a third world war. You embody a soldier in many different surroundings, from the Afghan deserts to Ukrainian cities.
Although Casus Belli is a First Person Shooter game, it involves some Role Playing games concept that make it unique. A new background with more than 250 new assets (buildings, vehicles, objects, etc.), tens of new maps, music composed by a professional composer and played by a true professional orchestra Half-way between Battlefield and Modern Warfare 2, the absence of Crysis nanosuit, Advance and Secure game mode, classes (assault, medic, recon, sniper etc.), and squads (spawn on the group leader).
Moreover, Casus Belli comes with more than 20 new modern weapons (ak74, m4, hk416, g36c, etc.), 8 new vehicles (Abrams, T90, Hummer, etc.), advanced body awareness and with objects that can be used to stabilize weapons.
Those interested can download it from here and you’ll find below the complete changelog from its first update.
Casus Belli Update 1.1 Changelog:
• Fixed the clients crashes to desktop occuring when the game restarts.
• Fixed the clients crashes to desktop occuring when changing of team.
• Fixed the server crashes to desktop occuring randomly.
• It is now possible to show the fullscreen map by holding “N” when dead.
• Increased the briefcase size on the radar/map.
• Conquest: vehicles will now spawn faster on Ghost Town 2.
• Advance and Secure: tweaked the final objective on the Bridge level.
• Advance and Secure: changed small things on the Bridge level.
• Fixed the ambient sounds not playing on all of the Ghost Town / Mall levels.
• Fixed all of the reported bugs on every map.
• Added a .bat file that allows the players to run the mod if the Launcher.exe file does not work.