Carrier Command: Gaea Mission Is Now Available

Bohemia’s remake of Carrier Command, Carrier Command: Gaea Mission, has been released in Europe. Developed for both Windows PC & Xbox 360, Carrier Command: Gaea Mission features a refreshing blend of first- and third person vehicular combat with tactical and strategic elements. The game will be released in North America on October 2nd.
Carrier Command: Gaea Mission features a massive game environment – consisting of 33 unique islands hosting 6 distinct climatic zones – in which players are put in command of a futuristic military carrier holding multiple remotely controllable and customizable units. By traversing the seas and establishing a strategic network of island bases for mining, production and defense, players set out to conquer the archipelago on the planetoid Taurus.
The game can be purchased via Bohemia’s Store, GameStop, Amazon, GamersGate and Steam.
Carrier Command: Gaea Mission - Fundamentals of Warfare Trailer (PEGI)