Capcom – PC news in the coming months, RE 6 Benchmark Confirmed, RE: Revelations To Use Steamworks

Great news for PC gamers as Capcom’s Svensson has revealed some interesting – apparently new – information about Resident Evil 6 and Resident Evil: Revelations HD. According to Svensson, Resident Evil 6 will be getting a benchmark tool, just like DmC Devil May Cry – and pretty much every Capcom title – did. Svensson believes that the benchmark will be available before the game’s launch, and stated that we’ll be getting some PC screenshots and videos in the coming months.
On another thread, Svensson stated that we’ll be getting more PC information about Resident Evil: Revelation’s DRM as we get closer to the game’s release, however Svensson reassured PC gamers that they should not worry about it. Let’s not forget that Resident Evil 6 ditched GFWL over Steamworks, so it’s only natural to wonder whether Resident Evil: Revelations will follow this trend or not. Svensson said – on yet another thread – that he directed the change over Steamworks and ‘while “permanent” is far too inflexible a word to use’, Steamworks will be used on the titles he’s been involved with. In other words, Revelations will be using Steamworks.
Last but not least, Svensson revealed that he’ll share some more, exciting PC news in the coming months. Now we know what most of you will be wondering; “more PC news, does that mean that Dragon’s Dogma will be coming to our platform?” Unfortunately – and despite his efforts – Svensson said that there is nothing to talk about at this time. Still, all hope is not lost at this point.
Enjoy everyone and stay tuned for more!