Street Fighter 6 feature

Capcom has officially announced Street Fighter 6 with an in-engine teaser trailer

At the end of the CPT 2021 Season Finale event, Capcom announced the next part in its Street Fighter series. This new Street Fighter game will be called Street Fighter 6, and you can find its announcement trailer below.

From the looks of it, this is in-engine footage. For instance, pay attention to the shadows (that are not as defined as what you’d expect from a CG trailer). Pay also attention to Ryu’s foot (which makes it obvious that this is indeed in-engine footage).

We also know that Street Fighter 6 will be using the RE Engine. And, I have to be honest here. If this is the visual fidelity we’ll be getting from this new SF game, then I’m genuinely happy and excited about it.

Unfortunately, Capcom did not reveal any additional details other than it will share more news in Summer 2022.

Enjoy the teaser trailer and stay tuned for more!