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Call of the Sea gets an official release date

The upcoming title Call of the Sea just received a release date. The game will be available through Steam and GOG, on December 8th. Call of the Sea is a first-person adventure- puzzle game, set in the 1930s, developed by Out of the Blue Games, and published by Raw Fury.

Call of the Sea is greatly inspired by H. P. Lovecraft stories. However, it is not a horror title. This is a story focused on the surreal. The developers are recreating that feeling of predestined fate that all Lovecraft stories have.

They wanted to take a complete different approach, but also stay faithful to the original material. So you should probably expect a more light-hearted game, compared to other H. P. Lovecraft inspired games such as, Call of Cthulhu.

This is the story of Norah, who is on the trail of her missing beloved’s expedition. The game takes place on a strange but also beautiful island. The island is filled with mysteries and secrets. Players will have the chance to explore this gorgeous island and uncover its secrets.

Cissy Jones, who you might know from Firewatch and The Walking Dead, will be voicing the main protagonist.  The game promises an immersive, story-driven adventure, full of suspense and surreal surprises.