Call Of Duty: Ghosts PC Specs Not Official – Activision: “Official Requirements Coming Soon”

Call of Duty Ghosts v2

And here we go. Activision has revealed – via its official Twitter account – that the PC specs of Call Of Duty: Ghosts that were leaked via the GeForce website are not official, and that the proper ones will be unveiled really soon. Naturally, this means that the game won’t require 50GB of HDD (even if the PC version includes really high-res textures), however it will be interesting to see whether some of those rumored requirements will come true.

As Activision claimed when a fan asked whether the previously released PC requirements were legit or not:

“Unfortunately they are not. Please stay tuned for the official requirements coming soon, thank you.”

Ubisoft has also revised the PC requirements for Watch Dogs (or at least that’s what seems to be the case according to the game’s UPLAY page). We’re still waiting for a confirmation from Ubisoft, and that’s why we have not published a story about them as of yet.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!