Call of Duty: Ghosts – Official Update Removes The Ridiculous 6GB RAM Requirement [UPDATE]

Call of Duty Ghosts v2

Well you gotta love Activision and Infinity Ward. Yesterday, the big publisher revealed that there are no plans for an update that would fix the FPS and lag issues spotted on the PC version. And today, Infinity Ward has released a new PC update that removes the ridiculous RAM requirement. Yeap, that’s right everyone. Call of Duty: Ghosts can officially now be played on systems with 4GB of RAM.

Infinity Ward has not revealed any changelog for its latest PC patch, though we do know that it will update your game’s version to 3.3.3. In addition, reports suggest a Broadcaster Mode has been added and that new eSports rules have been introduced to it.

As always, this update will be auto-downloaded next time you start the Steam client.

There is nothing more to add at this point. Hopefully the texture issues we’ve been facing have been addressed in this update, so we might resume our Performance Analysis (fingers crossed).



Infinity Ward has released the changelog for this new update of Call of Duty: Ghosts PC. According to the changelog, the game has received performance improvements for SLI, AMD’s GPUs and systems with less than four CPU cores. In addition, 4K display support has been added. Here is the complete changelog:

New Features
-#CODeSports option added, providing further MLG support; Contains a Broadcast mode and the ability to enable the latest MLG ruleset in both online Private Matches and System Link.

-Nvidia SLI performance improvements.
-AMD performance improvements, reducing in-game hitching on cards with 1Gb RAM.
-CPU performance optimization for PC’s with less than 4 cores.
-Changed the less than 6Gb RAM minimum spec. fence from a blocking error to a warning screen.
-4k display option added.

-Fixed a rare crash when quitting out of an MP match while calling in a squad mate with a riot shield equipped.
-Fixed a crash which occurred when renaming a loadout as the match was starting.
-Fixed a crash when the host of a Wargame match could crash if they are pulled out of the match while in a 5 player party.
-Fixed an MP Siege rare crash on load.
-Numerous other MP in-game stability fixes.

Key Changes
-Further spawn logic improvements.
-Fixed a spawn exploit where players would always respawn at their team spawn within the first 15 seconds of a game, even if an enemy was nearby.
-Increased XP rewards slightly for Operations and early tier weapon challenges.
-Added leaderboard for Search and Destroy game mode.
-Numerous map exploit fixes in MP and Extinction.
-Numerous Anti-Cheat fixes.
-Fixed collision bugs on multiple maps.
-Infected now has its maximum players increased to 18 players.
-Care package stacking exploit fix.
-Increased Search and Destroy XP to give 10x XP instead of 5x XP.
-Search and Destroy, now has its own online playlist.

Additional Fixes
-Fixed a very rare bug where player couldn’t get their first squad member.
-Fulllscreen, Alt+Tab and Minimizing bug fixes.
-Improved character models rendering, when viewing players with the Gryphon.
-Accuracy fix for Steam cloud-storage space check.
-Spectator movement improvements.
-Further support for the COD App.
-Clan tags no longer missing a bracket when viewed in-game.
-Dedicated server bug fixes.
-Moving the game over to a second monitor is now saved.
-Fix for seeing empty player name when joining a game in progress.
-Reduced upwards velocity when performing a melee charge.
-ADS while moving in a remote turret is now allowed.
-Dog no longer twitch when player is too close.
-Blur effect from being underwater persisted in killcam when player was killed with trinity rocket.
-Ping for bots now returns a more accurate 0ms.
-Fixing mouse scroll not working on the final scoreboard.
-Fixed a very rare issue where the left pistol could shoot two bullets instead of one.
-Preferred weapon stat in the player stats lobby page, is now accurate.
-Vehicle explosions sometimes did not appear in killcams; fixed.
-Fixed a bug in the Single player space mission; minimum specification PC’s sometimes failed the start of the mission due to being thrown into space at high velocity.
-Fixed a rare issue with corpses flickering after prolonged play.
-Disable the create clan button when the service is unavailable.
-Added error popup to the Call of Duty Account button when the service is down.
-Added an error message on the Clan section of the Friends List when the service is down.
-When losing internet connection, then attempting to modify a loadout’s perks, the game now returns you to the main menu.
-Updated video graphics option to query for TXAA support.
-Balanced the Focus Perk’s view-kick scale.
-Fixed bug where clan tag colors were not showing up on Clan Details page.
-Fixed an issue where mantling while going through a blitz portal would sometimes not teleport the players.
-Adding patch & background reward for Call of Duty Account Registration.
-In Extinction, fixed a rare issue where the alien wouldn’t retreat.
-On exit from the graphics options, the “Apply Settings” prompt was appearing when nothing had been changed; fixed.
-Fixed an issue in Extinction when the hive chopper wouldn’t show up if an attack chopper was bought during a very specific window of time.
-Fix for sometimes spawning from last stand without a weapon in hand in Extinction.
-Fix for a few last stand revive weapon bugs in Extinction.
-Added new MP spawn music.
-Fixed an issue with the ammo counter sometimes not showing up properly in safeguard.
-Fixed a rare issue where the Score/XP popup (i.e., +100) didn’t appear when killing a player in Squads Mode.
-Changing the leaderboard filter then scrolling would sometimes cause the user to be sent back to a previous menu screen, fixed.
-Fixed performance issues when quickly mouse scrolling with the wheel through leaderboards.
-We now show dog tags to spectators in Search and Rescue.
-Ensured the ratchet sound only plays when first entering the summary after a game.
-Replace generic unlock icon (head/helmet/uniform) with text description of item.
-Fixed a bug with shooting down a heli sniper with a gryphon.
-Riot shield assists challenge balancing.
-Fixed bug where if you moved the mouse over the member list you couldn’t go left with a gamepad.
-Fixed operation completion bonus to account for multi-tier operations rolling over.
-Improved UI messages to explain rewards.
-Added a “Track Operation” button helper text in the operation selection menu.
-Make it so the CoD Anywhere confirm button does not disappear when you back out of a field edit popup.
-Fix for mismatched player cards in extinction mode.
-Added thermal hybrid scope hint in extinction HUD.
-Fixed an issue where backing out of a certain error popup would cause the player to sit in a lobby that wouldn’t fill up in Squad Assault.
-Fixed unlocalized text in the Extinction unlock screen for Extinction abilities.