Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – X360 Version Leaked One Week Before Release

Black Ops 2 fans, we’ve got some bad and some good news for you today. The good news is that the PC version of the game has not been leaked, meaning that Activision won’t be able to blame piracy for lower than expected PC sales. The bad news is that the X360 version has been leaked, one week before release, meaning that Internet will get flooded with spoilers, screenshots, leaked footages and opinions about Treyarch’s title before its official launch.
This is not the first time a triple-A game gets leaked before it even hits the store shelves (although there were reports, last week, that some lucky ones have already gotten their hands on BO2). However, eight whole days might be enough to spoil the fun, and have a negative¬†impact on the game’s sales. As with Halo 4, we expect to see Activision banning those who decide to play the game, prior to its official¬†launch.
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is currently planned for a November 13th release on PC, X360 and PS3.
You can view below some leaked gameplay footage from the Plaza map!