Broken Age Part 2 Is in Beta, to Be Released This Spring

Double Fine has released a new ‘Progress Update’ video for Broken Age Part 2, in which the company’s Tim Schafer revealed that Broken Age Part 2 is in beta phase and will be released later this Spring.

As Schafer, the team is currently finishing the remaining sound effects and bug fixing whatever they can until the game releases in Spring 2015.

Schafer also sent his support to Peter Molyneux as Molyneux has been in the eye of the storm the past few days. Given the fact that Schafer’s games always miss their deadlines, Schafer said that he can really relate to that.

“I’m not saying that developers like Peter and I shouldn’t be responsible and shouldn’t be accountable to deadlines. I’m just saying that the reaction to recent events and the tone of that reaction is really way out of proportion to the seriousness of the events themselves.”


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