Boundless Announced – Open-world Sandbox Game With Cross-Platform Play Support Between PC & PS4

Wonderstruck announced today Boundless; a super ambitious PS4 and PC cross-platform procedurally-generated sandbox game where everyone plays together in a single online universe. Basically, think of it as a multiplayer Minecraft game with cross-platform play support between PC and PS4.

In Boundless, your character is unique and your role is free to be defined. You can succeed by doing the things you love, and use coin to shortcut the things you don’t.

Here’s just a few examples of how you can make your mark in Boundless:

  • Hunt for creatures in dangerous areas and sell the rare loot and materials you find to non-combative citizens.
  • Offer your services as a master-builder to other citizens and do honest work for coin.
  • Collect the weirdest creatures from across the universe and open a space zoo(!), then charge citizens coin to visit.
  • Create amazing sandbox contraptions like people cannons and hyper-efficient crafting machines, and then sell copies of the blueprints to other players so they can create them too.
  • Collect the most valuable and rarest resources from across the universe and open a shop that citizens will flock to.
  • Open a Portal hub, connecting your world to distant worlds across the universe and allow citizens to travel, for a fee of course!
  • Become a Boundless real estate agent, by searching for and claiming the coolest plots of land and then selling them to other players for coin.
  • Craft the coolest wearables, the tint them to perfection and open a boutique fashion store.

Enjoy its debut trailer below!

Boundless | TRAILER | #PlayStationPGW