Borderlands 3 suffers from major loading times in DirectX 12 + workaround to wrong language

2K Games has just released Borderlands 3 on the PC via the Epic Games Store, however, it appears that the game suffers from some tech issues. According to a lot of reports, the DX12 path takes ages to load on a lot of PC configurations. As such, we highly recommend to start – and play – the game in DirectX 11.

To be honest, this does not surprise us. After all, Gearbox and 2K Games suggested reviewers to stay away from the DX12 build of Borderlands 3. And, from the looks of it, Gearbox has not addressed the issues plaguing Microsoft’s latest API.

Users have also reported some additional tech issues regarding the PC version. For instance, the cut-scenes are broken on ultrawide monitors. Some users also reported issues with the game’s language. In order to use English, you’ll simply have to follow this guide.

  • open epic game launcher
  • settings
  • scroll down to borderlands 3
  • additional command line arguments
  • “-culture=en”

2K Games has not provided us yet with a review code for Borderlands 3. If the publisher does not send us any tomorrow, we’ll be sure to purchase the game and benchmark it, so stay tuned for more!