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Borderlands 3 Mayhem Mode 2.0 and new seasonal event

Borderlands 3’s Mayhem Mode is getting an update on April 23rd. The update will improve the Mayhem Mode by offering a more varied, lasting, and rewarding challenge. Players will battle their way through ten challenging Mayhem levels for powerful Legendary loot.

One of the big changes is that you’ll no longer need to visit Sanctuary in order to activate Mayhem Mode. You’ll be able to access it through your ECHO Device menu at any time. However, in multiplayer games the Mayhem level will be determined by the host.

There will be more than 25 all-new modifiers that can be applied to your game, each rated as Easy, Medium, Hard, or Very Hard. One of these modifiers is Galaxy Brain, which increase the size of enemies’ heads, meaning easier headshots.

While modifiers are selected at random, the number of modifiers and difficulty ratings are always the same for each Mayhem level. You can see them below:

Mayhem LevelModifier 1Modifier 2Modifier 3Modifier 4


Also, a new seasonal event will start on April 23rd, and it will end on June 4th. Revenge of the Cartels will feature a new area, new enemy types, limited-time Challenges, and tons of gear to collect.

You can check the official page for more details here and here.

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