Borderlands 3 feature

Borderlands 3 has also been removed from the Epic Games Store Mega Sale

Following Paradox Interactive’s example, 2K Games has decided to remove Borderlands 3 from the Epic Games Store Mega Sale. While you still can pre-order the game, the initial $10 discount does no longer apply. Some say that Epic’s additional $10 discount is still on effect so you still may get it cheaper, and we expect 2K Games to honour all those that were quick enough to take advantage of the sale and pre-order the game.

What this ultimately means is that Borderlands 3, Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2 and Oxygen Not Included have been removed from the Epic Mega Sale. Not only that, but Ubisoft’s games are nowhere to be found (this is mainly due to some issue with the interaction between the Epic Games Store and Uplay, however it’s worth pointing out that the games are no longer available on Epic’s store).

2K Games and Gearbox have not made any public announcement regarding the removal of Borderlands 3 from the Mega Sale, and neither has made Epic Games or Tim Sweeney. Still, it looks that some publishers were not ready for such a discount for their unreleased games.

On the other hand, Control, Detroit: Become Human and The Sinking City are still available and players can get them for a really low price.


The game has been completely removed from the store now and you can’t pre-order it until the Mega Sale ends.