Borderlands 2 – First Details Unveiled

Get ready everyone as the first details about Borderlands 2 have just been unveiled. According to GameInformer, the game will feature among other things interacting dialogue for players, dynamic story missions, unique styling, color, personality for each manufacturer and improved NPCs. In addition, Borderlands 2 will probably support Co-op with up to 4 players. You can view the entire list with the first details after the jump.
– Co-op will probably be 4 players
– Vehicles will have variety
– One vehicle: Bandit Technical
– One vehicle will have four seats
– Eridium – enhance weapons
– Eridium is a form of currency
– Salvador: Gunzerker, can dual-wield with any weapon
– Vault Hunters from the first game will be NPCs
– Bandits can access their own type of weaponry
– Unique styling, color, personality for each manufacturer
– Custom decals/enhancements for weapons
– More responsive enemies, more varied, better AI, improvement so that they interact with each other better
– NPCs will also be improved, will move around more
– Interacting dialogue for players
– Skill tree will be similar to the first game (3 branch system)
– Claptrap seems to be returning
– Apparently there won’t be any old weapons
– Story missions won’t be static
– Some pickups will provide temporary buffs