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Bohemia Interactive Shares DayZ Standalone Status, Release Date & Pricing Policy Updates

Bohemia Interactive and the development team of DayZ standalone have shared their plans and goals for 2015, as well as the release date for the game’s final version. In addition, Bohemia revealed a new price point for DayZ.

First and foremost, here is the roadmap of DayZ’s progress over the next couple of months.

Q1 2015
·         Basic vehicles
·         Advanced loot distribution
·         New renderer
·         New Zombie AI
·         Basic stealth system (zombies and animals)
·         Diseases
Q2 2015
·         Advanced vehicles (repair and modifications)
·         Advanced animals (life cycle, group behavior)
·         Player statistics
·         New UI
·         Player stamina
·         Dynamic events
Q3 2015
·         Traps
·         Barricading
·         Character life span + soft skills
·         Animal predators + birds
·         Aerial transport
·         Console prototype

Q4 2015
·         Animal companions
·         Steam community integration
·         Construction (base building)
·         BETA version, expected price 34,99 EUR / 43,99 USD

Moreover, every month there will be new weapons, objects, craft able items, vehicles and implemented additional features and optimizations.

Brian Hicks, the Producer on DayZ stated:

“2014 has been an immensely successful year for DayZ. We could have never hoped for so many people to join us for the adventure of Early Access development. As the team looks forward to our goals and features set for 2015, the vision of an open world sandbox where the player creates their own story and experiences comes closer to completion.”

Along with the updates, you can expect a new price point for DayZ which will be 34.99 USD. This is part of a gradual price change as the team progresses with the development, and reach the goals that it set for the project. Do note that the current price of 23.99 EUR/29.99 USD will still be available during the Steam Fall sale.

As well as the roadmap, Bohemia Interactive announced that the first half of 2016 will  see the game’s final release version and release from Steam Early Access, with the final price point of 39.99 EUR / 49.99 USD.