Bohemia Interactive issues an official statement about the Lemnos incident – “we always respect the law”

Bohemia Interactive has issued an official statement about the arrest of its two employees from the Greek authorities on Lemnos. According to the company’s CEO, Marek Spanel, two of Bohemia Interactive’s employees were arrested during their holiday trip to Lemnos. Contrary to previous reports, Bohemia states that they visited the island with the sole purpose of experiencing the island’s beautiful surroundings and not for capturing new footage for ArmA 3.
Our guess is that these guys were carrying their cameras and got arrested for something else. After all, Greece is not under a martial law and every tourist can roam freely with his/her camera. Not only that, but the police will not examine your equipment if you have not caused any trouble. If that’s the case – and if they were carrying the same equipment that was used for capturing Lemnos’ locations for ArmA 3 – the Greek police might have discovered the illegal footage while examining it.
That, or Bohemia’s employees were acting on their own in order to capture some new footage for the company’s military sim title – something that seems a bit odd – and got caught.
Bohemia has also stated that they respect the law and that their effort goes towards supporting its employees:
“Since its establishment in 1999, Bohemia Interactive has created games based only upon publicly available information. We always respect the law and we’ve never instructed anybody to violate the laws of any country. The same is true for Arma 3.
Currently, all our effort goes towards supporting the guys over there, as well as their friends and families affected by this difficult situation. We sincerely hope that this is an unfortunate misunderstanding of their passion as artists and creators of virtual worlds.”
Let’s hope that this incident won’t have an – negative – effect on ArmA 3’s release.
The game is currently planned for an early 2013 release, exclusively on the PC!