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Bohemia Interactive is officially working on DayZ 2

Remember NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW list which leaked a lot of unannounced games? Well, we now have a new challenger. During Microsoft’s court, the FTC Discovery has published a lot of emails, revealing projects that have not been announced yet. And one of them is DayZ 2.

As we can clearly see in the following document, Bohemia is currently working on three games. The first two have already been announced, whereas the third one was a mystery… until now.

Bohemia DayZ 2

So, Bohemia is working on Arma Reforged, Arma 4 and DayZ 2. Yeap, DayZ 2 is real and will most likely come out after Arma 4.

For those wondering, Arma Reforger is currently available in Early Access. Arma Reforger showcases the studio’s progress on their new Enfusion engine and offers a glimpse of things to come.

What’s also interesting here is Bohemia’s stance on Game Pass. The team was unhappy with PC Game Pass, mainly because its core audience is on PC. On the other hand, Bohemia was happy with DayZ’s console Game Pass performance.

Stay tuned for more!