Blast from the past: SolSeraph now available on Steam, Blazing Chrome releases later today

16-bit fans, here are two games for you today. SEGA released yesterday the spiritual successor to ActRaiser, SolSeraph, and The Arcade Crew plans to release its retro 16-bit platform game, Blazing Chrome, later today. In order to celebrate these releases, both SEGA and The Arcade Crew have released the launch trailers for these two games, and you can find them below.

Blazing Chrome will feature a varied arsenal of distinctive weapons, badass pilotable mechs and vehicles, and unlockable characters to help curb the AI army’s ruthless oppression, and promises to play the way you remember classic action games feeling. Joymasher’s modern refinements to that satisfying shoot-em-up playstyle will make scrapping hordes of mechanized foes and skyscraper-sized bosses feel as comfortable as getting back on that hoverbike you haven’t rode in years.

On the other hand, SolSeraph promises to balance side-scrolling action and top-down strategy elements, allowing players to guide each tribe from the clouds above in order to help expand their territory, dispel the dark fog that shrouds their lands, and seal the monster lairs hiding therein as Helios, the Knight of Dawn.


Blazing Chrome - Release Trailer

SolSeraph | Launch Trailer