Black & White 2 feature

Black & White 2 Redux mod adds new features, new playable creatures and improves AI

Modder ‘Boxhead78’ has released a new mod for Lionhead’s Black & White 2. Black & White 2 Redux ams to recreate the game with an increased difficulty, and it mainly adds an improved AI, changed landscapes, minor features and a changed balance.

The main features of of Black & White 2 Redux version 0.9.1 adds gorilla and tiger as playable creatures, adds new loading screens, implements a fix for stucked villagers, packs AI epics balance adjustments as well as less villagers in defender armies for the AI.

Those interested can download the mod from here, and below you can find the complete changelog for the latest version of this mod.

Black & White 2 Redux 0.9.1 Release Notes


  • Added Tiger as playable creature
  • Added Gorilla as playable creature
  • Added new loading screens (probably want to add better loading screens at some point)
  • Land 3 influence will now also extend with villagers


  • AI now has less defenders in their hometowns
  • Changed how the AI decides to build defenders
  • Increased time between attacks slightly
  • Increased the radius where AI siege weapons will search for a enemy wall/gatehouse from 300 to 750


  • AI epics now need more time to charge up each time they use it
  • Increased AI epics delay roughly by 10%
  • Increased productivity of prayers, altars and epics charge up a bit faster
  • Last-land artefacts can now be purchased as often as you want, but they’ll get more expensive each time you buy it
  • Reduced siege weapons movement speed to something similar like platoons
  • Set artefact cost for last-land hundred soldiers to 240.000
  • Set artefact cost for last-land hundred archers to 280.000
  • Set artefact cost for last-land siege engine to 140.000


  • Bearfights in the theatre now only play if the theatre has 100% health, also they don’t play all the time now
  • Fixed a bug where the AI wouldn’t attack in the second phase of land 7
  • Fixed a bug where the AI was able to recruit too many armies
  • Fixed a bug where the player got twice as much tribute for completing the land
  • Fixed wind sound during loading screen
  • Fixed some dialogues playing twice
  • Fixed AI villagers cheering nearby AI armies endlessly, causing them to get stucked (Might have fixed a number of issues related to villagers)
  • Fixed some navigation issues on the 6th land
  • Enemy generals now comment player actions less
  • Improved in which direction AI earthquakes will head
  • In land 7 the hurricane won’t trigger now if the greek town is controlled by the AI


  • Added symbols on maps which indicate the possible targets of an AI Epic (Applies only for earthquakes and volcanos)
  • Flattened the landscapes around the player town in land 4, land 5 and land 6.
  • Land 4: Removed some static objects like fences which cause navigation issues


  • Increased the size of sheeps required for the “Lost Sheeps” quests by 75%
  • Reduced atmosphere volume by 35%