Black Prophecy – Open Beta Testing Begins Today

Gamigo announced today that Black Prophecy’s open beta testing will begin today. Developed by Reakktor Studios, Black Prophecy is a space combat MMO. This open beta phase is open for all North American gamers. Those interested can register for the open beta testing at Black Prophecy’s official webpage.
As the press release reads:

Thanks to the hard work of the team at Reakktor Studios, as well as the dedication, support and amazing feedback of the community, gamigo is ready to take the game onto its final stage of testing by opening up the Black Prophecy server up to all North American gamers. For the first time, all gamers in the region are now able to experience the breathtaking real-time dogfights, intriguing storylines and open-world freedoms that won the game a 2010 “Best of Gamescom” award in the “Free To Play category.”