Black Desert Online – New Gameplay Videos Revealed, Korean Closed Beta Phase Dated

Black Desert Online

PearlAbyss today announced that the Korean closed beta phase for Black Desert Online will take place from October 17th to October 23th. There aren’t currently any plans for a Western beta, though we do know that a European version is rumored to hit streets in 2015. Let’s hope that PearlAbyss will pleasantly surprise us in the next months and will launch a beta for the rest of the world. PearlAbyss has also released four new gameplay videos that can be viewed below, so go ahead and take a look at what you’ll be missing out!

[인벤] 안전감 있는 전투, 검은사막 워리어의 스킬

[인벤] 호쾌한 전투의 매력, 검은사막 자이언트의 스킬

[인벤] 강력한 마법! 검은사막 소서러의 스킬

[인벤] 빠르며 강하다! 검은사막 레인저의 스킬