BioWare’s classic ‘Baldur’s Gate’ coming to Steam

Rejoice RPG fans as we have evidence that BioWare’s classic RPG, Baldur’s Gate, will be coming to Steam in the following months. A few days ago, both Baldur’s Gate and Baldur’s Gate 2 were added to Steam’s registry. And… well… Steam’s registry never lies. After all, the PC versions of both Sonic Generations and Alan Wake were revealed via Steam’s registry so we can safely assume that this is not an error or mistake from Valve, and our guess is that there will be a bundle or something like that.
For those interested, Baldur’s Gate AppID is ‘206180’, while the application number for Baldur’s Gate 2 is ‘99140’. So go ahead and search Steam’s registry to find them. One thing is for sure though. Both of them are coming to Valve’s distribution service. Hell yeah!