Bioware details the differences between the demo and the final version of Anthem

Mark Darrah, Executive Producer of Anthem, has detailed some of the differences between the upcoming demo and the game’s final/release version. According to Darrah, the demo will start in the middle of the game, there will be no tutorials and players won’t be able to pick their pilots.

Moreover, the difficulty/weapon balance is different (the demo will be easier than the final version) and the economy will be completely different. The final version will also benefit from additional bug fixes and will be 6 weeks newer than the demo version.

The team has also renamed a few things for clarity in the final game and has improved the PC controls. This basically means that the flight controls in particular have been slightly improved and this is a good thing (as the flight controls in the closed beta were disappointing to say the least).

The PC demo of Anthem will be available to those that have pre-ordered the game on January 25th and to everyone else on February 1st. The game is also planned for a February 22nd release!