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BioShock 4, also known as BioShock Isolation, may get delayed until 2024

In November 2021, Oops Leaks leaked the logo, a presentation and the working of title of BioShock 4. And a couple of days ago, the leaked claimed that 2K Games is restructuring the studio that’s been working on it.

According to the leak, the development studio lost about 40 employees, including leads. However, the game is not in development hell. Instead, 2K Games is simply not happy with the project’s results and pace.

Take-Two plans to release this game by the end of 2024. As such, and due to these studio issues, the game may get delayed (even though it has not been officially announced yet).

As Oops Leaks leaked previously, BioShock Isolation will be using Unreal Engine 5. 2K Games was planning to officially reveal it in Q1 2022. However, and due to these issues, the game’s official announcement may also get delayed.

Now as with all rumors, we suggest taking everything you read with a grain of salt. Still, Oops Leaks appears to be a reliable source when it comes to BioShock 4, so this leak is most likely legit.

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