Bethesda reassures that Doom 4 won’t be affected by RAGE’s launch and is not “indefinitely postponed”

A rumor appeared this morning, stating that Doom 4 is “indefinitely postponed” due to RAGE’s disappointing launch. Everyone was shocked and a bit depressed with how the mighty have fallen. Moreover, those who were looking forward to Doom 4 got a bit worried as there was a possibility that it would get canceled. Imagine that, a disappointing launch of a new IP destroying your reputation and your future plans. Ouch.
Well, forget everything as Bethesda’s VP of PR and Marketing, Pete Hines, tweeted that these rumors are “complete bollocks”.
Now this could obviously mean two things; Either that rumor was not true at all or Pete is doing his best to control the damage that was caused by it. For now, we can only assume that Pete is right and hopefully, Doom 4’s development won’t be impacted by RAGE’s disappointing launch.