Bethesda almost confirms RAGE 2 with new tweets, may be revealed on May 14th

Yesterday and today, Bethesda tweeted some really interesting images, hinting towards a RAGE 2 reveal on May 14th. These tweets are coming after Walmart’s leak which – given the fact that Bethesda’s Pete Hines was a bit angry about it – appears to be legit, at least for RAGE 2.

Yesterday, Bethesda shared some images, with one of them featuring the Big Ben. According to the clock, Bethesda may be gearing up for a reveal on May 14th.

However, the most obvious hint came today as the big publisher has shared an image with a character from the first RAGE game. As such, we are almost certain that RAGE 2 is real, and that it may be officially revealed on May 14th.

Stay tuned for more!