Best E3 Awkward Moments – Assassin’s Creed IV Crashes, Battlefield 4 & Crimson Dragon Start Without Sound

assassins creed 4 lag
E3 delivered. I tell you, both MS’ and Sony’s conferences delivered some really awkward moments. During Microsoft’s E3 conference, Crimson Dragon’s trailer played without sound at all. The very same thing happened to DICE’s BF4 trailer too, though DICE’s employees were really annoyed by that technical issue. On the other hand, during Sony’s conference, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag crashed and Sony had to simply skip to Ubisoft’s next title. Contrary to DICE’s employees, though, Ubisoft’s tester was enjoying this bug and was laughing, so kudos to him for doing the right thing. After all, these moments were truly funny. Enjoy!
E3 Fail Montage. Funny shouts! No sound during Crimson Dragon Trailer. XBOX ONE! SOUND PLEASE!

EA Battlefield 4 (No Sound Fail + Crowd Reaction) Xbox One E3 2013

Sony PS4 E3 Conference - Assassin's Creed IV Crashes