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Beautiful Doom Version 7.0.0 available for download

Modder Jekyll_Grim_Payne has announced that a new version of Beautiful Doom is now available for download. In case you weren’t aware of, Beautiful Doom is a mod that aims to improve each and every single object in Doom, making them smoother, while also retain its original art style.

Additionally, the mod comes with better sounds, and promises to retain the original Doom gameplay that all of us loved.

Version 7.0.0 introduces a “Show Weapon Help” key (G by default) that shows detailed information on the screen about the currently selected weapon. Moreover, it adds high-quality textures depicting decorative victims, corpses, etc., to match the new gore sprites. It also adds “Enhanced Liquid Textures” and “Enhanced Gore Textures”.

Furthermore, the mod now draws all muzzle smoke and other muzzle effects in the screen rather than spawn them. This should improve overall performance, even in low-tier machines.

You can download the mod from here. You can also find below a video, showcasing some of the new features of its latest version.

Have fun!

Beautiful Doom 7.0 -gzdoom 4.5 (delta touch )