Battlezone: Combat Commander, remaster of Battlezone 2, is now available on GOG and Steam

Rebellion has announced the release of Battlezone: Combat Commander. The long-awaited remaster of Battlezone 2 is available now on Steam and GOG to buy and download – complete with a special 10% discount during launch week.

Battlezone: Combat Commander faithfully revives one of the most inimitable strategy games ever made. Players can once again take command of incredible sci-fi battalions on the surfaces of distant planets, all from the cockpit of their hover-tanks. Fusing real-time strategy with thrilling first-person tank warfare, Battlezone®: Combat Commander is in a class of its own.

Featuring updated artwork and visual effects, DirectX 11 rendering and shading, retextured and upscaled terrain, and 4K resolution support, Battlezone: Combat Commander is a true visual remaster.

The game also features cross-play online multiplayer across Steam and GOG, new achievements, cloud saves, and support for its two-decade old modding community including Steam Workshop, on top of many refinements and tweaks.


Battlezone: Combat Commander - Launch Trailer!

Battlezone: Combat Commander - Comparison Trailer