Battlefield 5 will offer 60hz server tickrates on the PC, 120hz in smaller modes

I’m pretty sure that some gamers have been wondering about the server tickrates of Battlefield 5, especially after the revelation of the awful server tickrates for Call of Duty Black Ops 4. If you were one of them then rest assured as Battlefield 5 will come with the exact same server tickrates as Battlefield 1.

As David Sirland, DICE Multiplayer Producer at Battlefield V, stated, the game will feature 60hz server tickrates on the PC.

Not only that, but 120hz will be supported for smaller modes.

So yeah, it appears that things will work just fine in Battlefield 5. But then again, this is DICE we’re talking about so I’m pretty sure there will be numerous bugs here and there.

Battlefield 5 releases on November 20th.

Thanks MP1st