Battlefield V feature

Battlefield 5 will get support for EA Anticheat on April 3rd

Electronic Arts and DICE revealed that Battlefield 5 will get support for EA Anticheat on April 3rd. This new anti-cheat system aims to stop cheaters from ruining the game. The latest BF games already use it, and now so will BF5.

EA says the best way to stop the newest cheats is to use their own anti-cheat in their BF games. This appears to be important for competitive games like Battlefield 2042 and Battlefield V. That’s because cheat programs that work in kernel space are hard to get caught from third-party anticheat systems.

The publisher claims that EA anticheat only runs when a game with EA anticheat protection included is running. All anti-cheat processes shut down when the game does. Moreover, when you uninstall all the games that use it, EA anticheat will be automatically removed from your system.

Battlefield 5 came out in 2018, so it’s at least good to see EA still supporting it. The fact that EA and DICE are doing their best to combat cheaters is admirable. Because, right now, the game I’m mostly playing, Tekken 8, suffers from both cheaters and rage quitters. And that’s a bummer because, despite its major balance issues, Tekken 8 can be really fun.

Anyway, EA has stated that it will add support for it at 08:00 UTC. Players will also need to restart their game to benefit from the changes of this Client Update. And that is that.

Stay tuned for more!