Battlefield 5 – Free “War in the Pacific” Update coming on October 31st, new gameplay trailer released

Electronic Arts has revealed that a new major free update for Battlefield 5 will come out on October 31st. War in the Pacific will allow players to invade the most iconic battlefields of the Pacific theater as U.S. and Japanese forces enter the fray in Battlefield V’s War in the Pacific.

Players will fight on land, air, and sea on maps including Pacific Storm and modern takes on two absolute classic maps: Iwo Jima and, coming in December, Wake Island.  Players will also get their hands on an expanded arsenal and use anything from Sherman tanks to katanas.

You should expect at least seven new weapons and gadgets for Battlefield 5 Chapter 5. Moreover, DICE will add new vehicles such as boats.

Enjoy the following trailer and stay tuned for more!

Battlefield V – War in the Pacific Official Trailer