Battlefield 4 – New Details Revealed About Both SP and MP Modes

Battlefield 4 v2
BF4Talk’s moderator ‘BeestMann’ has revealed some new details about Battlefield 4. According to BeestMann, EA and EB Games Australia showcased a live BF4 Demo exclusive to the Australian media and 100 fans. In addition, a Q&A was done by David Silverman, the Marketing Director at EA of Battlefield, in which Silverman unveiled some new details about this upcoming shooter.
Here is the list of the new info that shared by BeestMann:
• Admitted that the BF3 story could have been more.
• Campaign will be more character driven and emotional. Confidence in their skills in building multiplayer led them to spend more time into creating a good singleplayer story.
• NPCs will be more human. Right down to the smallest and simplest details of just watching you walk around etc.
• Cutscenes are acted out in a soundstage like in movies
• Oculus Rift support is not planned, but is possible in the future
• PC specs are similar to the specs of BF3. No official specs list has been released.
• Battlelog returns on PC and will integrated into the console games
• Commander Mode runs in-game and tablet, however the in-game versions will have extra features such as live video feeds etc.
• Maps can’t be totally leveled, however, destruction is going to be more dramatic than BF3’s and will be similar to BC2’s destruction.
• They are considering bringing back the ability to destroy MCOMs by having structures and buildings fall on them, like BC2
• You can cut the power in the indoor parts of the maps and use the darkness and non functional elevators to your advantage
• Seize of Shanghai, the map shown at the E3 Demo, is a medium size map.
• The spokesman said that “You won’t be disappointed by the number of maps in the game” and that new game modes will shown very soon.
• He also stated that Operation Metro is the most popular map in BF3, thus indirectly confirming that it’ll return in the Second Assault DLC.
In similar news, DICE’s ‘crash7800’ has shared some new information about the single-player campaign of its title. Yes, most people are interested in the MP mode of BF4 but DICE promises to offer a better SP mode this time around. Question is though whether it will be worth it or not. Will it be as heavily scripted as COD’s SP mode? Or will DICE attempt to offer something a bit more than that? Guess we’ll find out when the game gets out. Until then, though, here is the new information about BF4’s SP mode:
“In Battlefield 4, you take on the role of Sergeant Daniel Recker, member of an elite group of soldiers known as Tombstone squad. While on a mission to collect intelligence from a defecting Russian General in Baku, Azerbaijan, your squad is discovered and you must fight your way through waves of Russian troops in order to escape. Upon getting back to the USS Valkyrie, a Wasp class carrier, the intelligence you’ve retrieved confirms previous suspicions. The Chinese Admiral Chang is planning a coup in China, and if this happens, the Russians would back him up.
With this intel secure, the USS Valkyrie sets a course for Shanghai. You and Tombstone squad are sent on a covert mission into the city to extract a group of VIP’s. China is in uproar after the U.S. has been implicated in the assassination of Jin Jié, the future leader and voice for peace in China. Admiral Chang has canceled elections and martial law has been declared. As U.S. and Russian naval forces position themselves off the coast of China, and the situation quickly escalates into a stare down akin to a tinderbox waiting for a spark.
In Shanghai, protestors clash with police as the streets are filled with chaos and turmoil. Tombstone manages to find the VIP’s, among them a CIA field operative known as Laszlo W. Kovic. With him is a mysterious individual that the Chinese military has been franticly searching for. Together with Kovic you fight your way out of Shanghai and back to the Valkyrie as countless civilians flee the city, many of which are brought aboard the Valkyrie as refugees. With communications dead, the Valkyrie sets course for Singapore to rendezvous with the USS Titan and the 7th US carrier group at their last known position. As you reach Singapore you are shocked to find a horrific scene of fire and mayhem. The flagship is sunk and its fleet is eradicated, and from this point on nothing is certain.”